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About the campaign

There is no protection for this memorial. There is no wall or fence around it, and there is no lighting. Both could discourage vandals if they were placed. The only marker for this historical site is a sign near National Highway 9 - a simple sign, nothing else.

This is no proper way to commemorate a man who contributed an abundance of positivity to the area - a man who brought together those with different backgrounds and religions for the good of humanity. The unfortunate truth is, by allowing this to continue, we are dishonouring an admired leader. By not maintaining this area, we are showing we have no respect or appreciation for Amin Khan’s peaceful prosperity. The historical footprints of this dignitary are being erased before our eyes. We must stop this!

Through the cooperation of like-minded individuals and groups, we can restore this site to its exquisite and honourable state. We can restore an important and integral part of history. This is an archeological treasure we must revitalise at all costs.

Please join us in accomplishing our goal of returning this monument to its former glory and further protecting it from future damage. It is our obligation to educate others about the importance and inspiration of the life of Amin Khan. The world must understand we are not only losing a piece of history but also disgracing the memory of a man who erased religious barriers and improved the lives of those who lived under his rule without regard to differences. Let us work together to right this heinous wrong!

The sad truth is that this historical monument is neglected and not preserved by the people and the government. The tomb is not protected by a wall and local people use it as a public toilet. The government is just watching the degradation of this national treasure. The poems and works of literature on the walls are wiped off. The pollution in the region destroyed the beauty of calligraphy, design and plaster.

Due to improper maintenance, this ancient masterpiece is no longer a tourist attraction. The tomb was aesthetically pleasing and visually impressive, but now it's not. The footprints of a legend like Amin Khan should not be erased no matter what. The kind of life he led is inspirational for today's generation. The harsh reality is that we dishonour Amin Khan's Tomb with negligence. It's possible to bring back the artistry of the Tomb only with your cooperation.

Things We Want To Do To Glorify Amin Khan's Tomb